Assessment School

"As explained in last year's report, the progress of stocktaking and mapping of forest areas was seriously delayed owing to staff shortages and other difficulties occasioned by the war, and now that a resumption of assessment activities is possible it has been necessary to train personnel and to build up an organization capable of implementing the programme. Early in 1945, a special training camp was established for the instruction of officers in assessment and mapping in accordance with the accepted code for this class of work, and for the training of chainmen, compassmen, mappers, and timber cruisers." Source: FCV Annual Report 1945/46

Bill Meadows (bio), who graduated from the VSF in 1944, was one of the first attendees at this "school" as were, he thinks, all of his year. It was run from Kalatha Camp in the Toolangi FD, and he was there for three months.Source: Oral History

"The Kinglake West camp, where we were to be trained, had been built some years previously in a clearing in the forest to accommodate prisoners of war and, later, migrants assigned to forestry work, but it was no longer used for this purpose." Source: See Pederick below


Alan Eddy (bio) attended in 1949 - Audio Track

Leon Pederick attended the School in 1951.