Oral Histories


This page contains a number of recorded interviews with forestry people about their careers.


The oral histories linked to this page come from a number of sources.

Morrie Mair's interview was conducted by Barry Clarkson.

The FCRPA commissioned a number of interviews by Lesley Alves in the early 2000s, and by Gina O'Donoghue about 2010.

Peter Evans conducted a number of interviews for his own reserch purposes, and he also did a number of interviews, on behalf of the Bjarne Dahl Trust, exploring the career of Bjarne Dahl. Both Peter and the Trust have allowed us to use these interviews on this site.

The interviews are grouped into two sections. The first comprises general interviews about an individuals career. The second section holds those interviews coducted for the Bjarne Dahl Trust.

The appproach taken by Lesley Alves is outlined in this paper.


Section 1 - General Interviews


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Lois DexterOral History(Ed: Walter Zimmer died in 1967)







Section 2 - Peter Evans' Interviews for the Bjarne Dahl Trust




Llyod Wicks & Mike Hall
Oral History