Bryan Rees

Bryan joined the FCV as a Technical Assistant in the Fire Research Branch in 1976.

From that time he has had extensive experience in the areas of wildfire research and suppression. In particular, he has become expert in the use of aircraft in wildfire suppression and wider land management operations within Australia, Canada and Spain. As at July 2018 he was the Senior Aviation Officer, Forest and Fire Operations Division, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). 

Bryan has prepared and conducted fire / aviation training courses for Victorian, interstate and international fire services. He currently manages the DELWP rappel program, and he instigated the first international rappel exchange in 1993, which is still running. He also introduced Night Vision Goggle systems into Victorian aerial firefighting operations in 2010, and is a Member of the Large Airtanker Project Team.

Bryan currently holds Air Attack Supervisor, rappel dispatcher, Air Operations Manager, and NVG accreditations.

He was awarded an Australian Fire Service Medal in 2005.