Made by The National Film Board 1952, and currently held in the National Film and Sound Archive. Directed by Bern Gandy it is set in post-war Australia, when the milling of our nation's prized hardwood timbers was a rapidly growing industry. Mechanisation introduced economies in the handling, but the skill and stamina of the axe-men were still indispensable in timber-getting. This short film looks at the work of the men living in bush sawmill camps (Source NFSA).

The first part of the film is set in the Tyers Valley as the school shown is Western Tyers with a Victorian Education Department number. Also the sawmill settlement shown was possibly one in the Tyers area. The forest being harvested was remnants of Eucalyptus regnans old forest which was not severely damaged in the 39 fires. Some of the trees in the head of Growlers Ck (a tributary of the Tyers River) were measured at about 295 ft (90 m). The film then switches to NSW State Forest (Source B. Fry).