Research Branch Report No. 125

Effects of time of sowing and container type on height, growth and survival of containerised seedlings of Eucalyptus regnans F. Muell.  J.D. Kellas and J.G. Edgar.  February 1979.  11 pp.


The regeneration of Eucalyptus regnans F. Muell in State forests in Victoria, Australia, by either natural or artificial means is often difficult due to competition from rapidly regenerating scrub and grass species. Regeneration by planting of 9 to 12 month old container-grown seedlings is a common practice.

The height growth and survival of E. regnans seedlings raised in six container types following sowings made at 6 different times was studied in both the nursery and for 14 months after field planting. Nursery growth was restricted by the commencement of hardening-off, but it appeared that seedling height was directly related to container volume. Field survival after 14 months was influenced by time of sowing., however survival generally satisfied the minimum standards for regeneration stockings. The seedlings of the small shallow containers, halfsize paper-pots and Jiffypot 522, were significantly smaller than seedlings raised in FH415S paperpot, Jiffeypot 5515, Styroblock 2 and Styroblock 8.

Seedlings of E.regnans raised in paperpots or jiffypots are acceptable for regenerating the species. Satisfactory survival can be achieved from sowings made as late as mid-February and outplanted the following August.

Also published:

Kellas, J.D. and Edgar, J.G. (1979)  Effects of sowing time and container type on height, growth and survival of seedlings of Eucalyptus regnansCan. J. For. Res. 9 (4): 478-83.