Forestry Research - Divisional Research Reports

These reports were primarily to advise Departmental staff of progress in the various research projects and any conclusions or results given were to be taken purely as interim findings. It was not intended that they would review all the activities of the Division of Forestry Education and Forestry Research, nor would they take the place of publication from time to time in the normal way of the results of research projects.

Research Branch Reports

This series of unpublished Reports of the Research and Biological Survey Branch in FCV spans the period March 1971 to December 1985, with the last being an index following the creation of the Department of Conservation, Forest and Lands.

These reports were intended primarily for internal use, to inform staff as quickly as possible on research progress and to record information of relevance to forest management in this State. Whilst the reports in this series were unpublished, quite a number were published in peer reviewed journals or as conference papers.

Complete sets were held in various locations such as regional offices, head office sections, departmental libraries, the School of Forestry and Land Management (Melbourne University and Creswick), field research stations, the Research Branch in Melbourne and at the Mountain Forest Research Station, Sherbrooke. The status of these collections is currently unknown.

Over time it is planned to make as many as possible available on this website as they have significant scientific and historical value, covering a wide range of topics such as silviculture, nursery practice, tree selection and breeding, pests and diseases, and impacts of forestry on flora, fauna, water quality and water yield.

These reports are our initial start. Follow the links to either download the full report or view the summary. If there is a published version, the reference will be listed at the end of the summary.  Also if the author(s) have biographies on the website, they have been linked.