Research Branch Report No. 245

Harvesting and site productivity in eucalypt forests.  H.T.L. Stewart, D.W. Flinn and P. Hopmans.  April 1984.  11 pp.


A nutrient budget enables speculation on the potential effects of harvesting and regeneration procedures on site productivity. A budget is presented giving estimates of the nutrient capital, inputs and outputs for Eucalyptus regnans F. Muell. (mountain ash) forest in the Central Highlands of Victoria, and from it, it can be conjected that harvesting of these forests is unlikely to cause a significant decline in site productivity for at least several rotations.

Although site productivity is likely to be maintained for at least several rotations, the nutrients potassium, calcium and magnesium were identified as those most likely to limit growth should a decline in productivity occur beyond this period. The long-term implications of replacement of one or more of these nutrients by fertilisation are discussed.

Also published:

Stewart, H.T.L., Flinn, D.W. and Hopmans, P. (1985)  On harvesting and site productivity in eucalypt forests.  Search 16 (7-8): 206-10.