Research Branch Report No. 72

Herbicide formulations for the control of mespophytic understorey vegetation.  R.J. McKimm and H.T.L. Stewart.  July 1975.  10 pp. (unpubl.)


Successful regeneration of ash-type eucalypts is difficult to achieve if sites are invaded by dense mesophytic scrub following logging. As this is a common problem, techniques are required to kill this scrub before regeneration can be established, particularly if burning and aerial sowing is contemplated.

A randomized block trial with three replications per treatment was established in the Otway Ranges to evaluate the effectiveness of 21 herbicide formulations in killing this mesophytic understorey vegetation.

It was found that the treatment offering acceptable control of this vegetation at least cost was 3.3 kg/ha 2,4,5-T ester plus 2.75 kg/ha amitrole in “thickened” water applied at 56 litres per hectare. Increasing the volume of carrier applied, from 56 to 168 litres per hectare had only a small effect on the result.