Research Branch Report No. 9

Studies of Pinus radiata seedling development in the Benalla Nursery in relation to soil physical properties, irrigation and fertilisation.  G. Minko.  December 1971.  19 pp.  (unpubl.)

  1. The main factor limiting P. radiata seedling development in the Benalla nursery is water, and growth can be increased substantially by more frequent irrigation.
  1. A significant amount of moisture can be conserved by deep ripping, and if the frequency of irrigation is to be increased, ripping will be essential to maintain good drainage.
  1. Better growth can be achieved by early sowings, but these are not always possible, especially during wet seasons.
  1. Further work is required to investigate means of increasing the water-ho1ding capacity of the soil, and to define irrigation schedules for optimal seedling growth. This work is in hand.

Also published:

Minko, G. (1974)  Effect of seedling size on growth of field-planted Pinus radiataFor. Tech. Pap. 21: 58-68.