FCV Records

The following documents and links provide a guide to accessing records relating to the Forest Commission Victoria.

Forest History in Victoria: A Guide to Government Records 1836-1994, Heather McRae, Conservation and Natural Resources (1994)

This guide directs readers to relevant publications, libraries, archives, and organisations for further information, and covers original unpublished records such as files, volumes, index cards, maps, plans, photographs, films and computer records, with a particular focus on records of the former Forests Commission of Victoria, 1919-87.

Public Records Office Victoria, Series VPRS 11563

This record series constitutes the general correspondence registered by the Department of State Forests (Forests Commission) during the period 1920-1983.

Alternatively a spreadsheet listing correspondence files is available for viewing and download, along with instructions. The content of these documents was sourced from VPRS 11563 by Amy Young (1998), and recently updated by Paul Barker (2020).