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FCV Bulletins

FCV Bulletin No. 2 - The Flora of the Far North-West of Victoria, WJ Zimmer, 1940

FCV Bulletin No. 14 - The Box-Ironbark Forests of Victoria, Australia, LA Newman, 1961

FCV Bulletin No. 20 - Flooding and Regeneration of River Red Gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Dehn, BD Dexter, 1967

FCV Bulletin No. 21 - Some Aspects of the Role of Forest Fire in South Eastern Australia, A Hodgson, A Heislers, 1972

FCV Bulletin No. 22 -  The Genetic Resources of the Victorian Eucalypts, LA Pederick, 1976 

FCV Bulletin No. 24 - The Flora and Fauna of Radiata Pine Plantations in North-Eastern Victoria, GC Suckling, E Backen, A Heislers, & FG Neumann, 1976

FCV Bulletin No. 25 - The Phasmatid Problem in Mountain Ash Forests of the Central Highlands of Victoria, FG Neumann, JA Harris & CH Wood, 1977

FCV Bulletin No. 26 - The Mount Buffalo Fire, BD Dexter, A Heislers and T Sloan, 1977

FCV Bulletin No. 28 - Forest Utilisation and the Flora and Fauna in Booola Boola State Forest in south-eastern Victoria, RH Loyn, MA Macfarlane, EA Chesterfield and JA Harris, 1980

FCV - Miscellaneous Publication No. 6 - The Selection and Development of Fire Fighting Equipment, ED Gill, 1957

FCV - Miscellaneous Publication No. 7 - Handbook of Forestry in Victoria, 1965 

FCV - State Forests of Victoria - Their Management for Recreation and the Conservation of Flora, Fauna And Landscape, KJ Wareing, 1980

VSFA Newsletters

 "... in 1900 there were twenty-one members of the Foresters Association, Victoria who had all paid a subscription of five shillings."  In 1986 the now Victorian State Foresters' Association wound up its affairs because of the dramatically changed nature of the arrangements for forest management in Victoria. (see A Fraternity of Foresters, 1994)

At its Easter meeting in 1953, the Victorian State Foresters' Association decided to publish a Newsletter. The first Newsletter of what was to become a long series was published in November 1953, with the editors being KVM Ferguson, CJ Irvine and Dr FR Moulds.

Copies of all the available Newsletters are gradually being added below, and these
and Contents
pages, done some time ago, may help you find articles of interest until we do something that improves access.
See also - Index<> to NL's 29-32

VSFA NL No.1 (November 1953)

VSFA NL No.2 (March 1954)

VSFA NL No.3 (July 1954)

VSFA NL No.4 (November 1954)

VSFA NL No.5 (March 1955)

VSFA NL No.6 (August 1955)

VSFA NL No.7 (February 1956)

VSFA NL No.8 (December 1956)

VSFA NL No.9 (March 1958)

VSFA NL No.10 (September 1958)

VSFA NL No.11 (August1959)

VSFA NL No.12 (April 1960)

VSFA NL No.13 (April 1962)

VSFA NL No.14 (August 1962)

VSFA NL No.15 (May 1963)

VSFA NL No.16 (January 1964)

VSFA NL No.17 (July 1964)

VSFA NL No.18 - N/A

VSFA NL No.19 (December 1965)

VSFA NL No.20 (May 1966)

VSFA NL No.21 (December 1966)

VSFA NL No.22 (June1967)

VSFA NL No.23 (June 1968)

VSFA NL No.24 (February 1969)

VSFA NL No.25 (December 1969)

VSFA NL No.26 (June 1970)

VSFA NL No.27 (December 1970)

VSFA NL No.28 Index (September 1971)

VSFA NL No.29 (September 1971)

VSFA NL No.30 (May 1972)

VSFA NL No.31 (March 1973)

VSFA NL No.32 (February 1974)

VSFA NL No.33 (July 1974)

VSFA NL No.34 (August 1975)

VSFA NL No.35 (December 1975)

VSFA NL No.36 (April 1976)

VSFA NL No.37 (October 1976)

VSFA NL No.38 (April 1977)

VSFA NL No.39 (December 1977)

VSFA NL No.40 (April 1978)

VSFA NL No.41 (August 1978)

VSFA NL No.42 (December 1978)

VSFA NL No.43 (April 1979)

VSFA NL No.44 (August 1979)

VSFA NL No.45 (December 1979)

Research Branch Reports

The Research Branch Report series of the Research and Biological Survey Branch in FCV spans the period March 1971 to December 1985, with the last being an index following the creation of the Department of Conservation, Forest and Lands.

These reports were intended primarily for internal use, to inform staff as quickly as possible research progress and to record information of relevance to forest management in this State. The reports in this series were unpublished, though quite a number of them were also published in peer reviewed journals or as conference papers.

Whilst complete sets were held in various locations such as regional offices, head office sections, departmental libraries, the School of Forestry and Land Management (Melbourne University and Creswick), field research stations, the Research Branch in Melbourne and at the Mountain Forest Research Station, Sherbrooke, the status of these collections is currently unknown.

Over time it is planned to make as many as possible available on this website as they have significant scientific and historical value, covering a wide range of topics such as silviculture, nursery practice, tree selection and breeding, pests and diseases, and impacts of forestry on flora, fauna, water quality and water yield.

The following reports are our initial start. Follow the links to either view the summary or download the full report. If there is a published version, the reference will be listed at the end of the summary.  Also if the author(s) have biographies on the website, they have also been linked.

  1. Studies of Pinus radiata seedling development in the Benalla Nursery in relation to soil physical properties, irrigation and fertilization.  G. Minko.  December 1971.  19 pp. (Summary) (Full Report)
  1. The growth of trees under intensive culture in northern Victoria.  R. J. McKimm.  January 1974.  12 pp.  (Summary)  (Full Report)
  1. Genetic variation in Eucalyptus obliqua with special reference to Otway messmate.  L. A. Pederick.  August, 1974.  17 pp.  (Summary)  (Full Report)
  1. Effects of water-dispersable polyethylene emulsions on germination and seedling growth of Pinus radiata.  G. Minko.  February 1981.  8 pp.  (Summary)  (Full Report)
  1. Changes in bird and mammal populations after harvesting eucalypts for sawlogs and pulpwood in East Gippsland.  R. H. Loyn and M. A. Macfarlane.  November 1984  19 pp. + App.  (Summary)  (Full Report)
  1. A survey of the mammals, birds and vegetation of Compartment 3 and the Errinundra Flora Reserve, Errinundra Plateau, East Gippsland.  G. C. Suckling, R. H. Loyn and I. O. Cook.  December 1984.  26 pp.  (Summary)  (Full Report)
  1. Index to Research Branch Reports.  Numbers 1-310, March 1971-December 1985.  Marion L. Pennicuik.  December 1985.  63 pp.  (Summary)  (Full Report)

General Publications

Circumspice '59 - P Lawson, R Smith, B Fry (2010)

A Fraternity of Foresters - Jack Gillespie & John Wright, (1994)

Bushfire and Knowledge - DELWP (2017)

Forestry at Creswick and the University, 1910-1997 - Chapter 7 - Falvey L & Bardsley B (1997)

From Fjords to Eucalypt Forests - Bjarne K Dahl's Journey, P Evans (2010)

Gateway to a Man's Career - P Lawson 

High Elevation Mixed Species in Victoria's State Forests  - Sebire I & Fagg P (2009)

Institutional Continuity and Change in Victoria’s Forests and Parks 1900-2010 (Thesis) - Doolan B (2015)

Low Elevation Mixed Species in Victoria's State Forests - Murphy S, Hateley R, Fagg P (2013)

Man of the Forest - David Drangsholt (2014)

Management of Victoria's Publicly-owned Native Forests for Wood Production - Turner et al (2011)

Mountain Ash in Victoria's State Forests - Flint A & Fagg P (2007)

Natural Order. A Descriptive Survey of Victoria's Forest Institutions - Doolan B (2018)

Ordeal by Fire - WS Noble (1977)

The 1939 Bushfires - Sun News-Pictorial (1939)

The Flora of Ulupna Island Reserve - TB Muir, (date? from publication?)

The Strzeleckis - A New Future for the Heartbreak Hills - WS Noble (1974)

Timber Industry Strategy - Government of Victoria, 1986> - this file is about 85 MB

Tree Decline in Rural Victoria - Institute of Foresters of Australia (1980)

National Forest Policy Statement - Commonwealth of Australia, 2nd Edition, 1995