This is the tenth index to the Research Branch Report series of the Research and Biological Survey Branch, State Forests and Lands Service. The Index is intended us a reference to the series so that information on a particular subject can be located end consolidated as quickly as possible.

Future indexes may include is wider selection of material, as the Branch will become part of the newly formed Von Mueller Institute, State Forests and Lands Service. Research Branch Reports are primarily for departmental use, to inform staff of research progress end to record information of relevance to forest management in this State. The results of all projects of the Branch are recorded in the series, whether published elsewhere subsequently or not. The objective is to bring this work to the notice of departmental staff as quickly as possible, end certainly before external persons or organisations.

The addition or KEYWORDS and ODC numbers helps identity the contents of reports. These keywords and numbers also appear on the widely distributed summaries of Research Branch Reports.

Complete sets of individual numbers of the series are held in regional offices, in head office sections, in the various departmental libraries, at the School of Forestry and Land Management (Melbourne University and Creswick), in field research stations, in the Research Branch in Melbourne and at the Mountain Forest Research Station, Sherbrooke. Copies are also held by field work centres in which work is done, and a few spare copies are held by authors of each number. For copies of particular reports, contact the senior author.

Detailed summaries of each Research Branch Report are distributed to all regional offices and to each section of the Department. This index is also given a wide distribution and further copies are available from the Scientific Editor on request.

The index classifies the contents of Research Branch Reports by:

(i) SUBJECT  pp. 2-17

(ii) AUTHOR  pp. 8-22

(iii) WORK CENTRE  pp. 23-24

(iv) NUMERICAL  pp. 25-63

The latter section lists reports by title, author, production date and ODC number. References for those reports published in scientific journals, as conference papers or presented as theses, are also given in this section.