"The past is never fully gone. It is absorbed into the present and the future. It stays to shape what we are and what we do."
Sir William Deane, Governor-General of Australia, Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, August 1996.

Athol Hodgson

Athol graduated from the VSF in 1950 and then worked for the FCV until the mid-1980’s. His key roles in the FCV were as Fire Research Officer, the first officer appointed as OIC of the new Forest Environment and Recreation Branch from 1971, and as a Forests Commissioner.

Peter Hopmans

Peter completed a degree in Applied Science at RMIT in 1975 whilst working in the laboratory of FCV, and then went on to complete a PhD in soil science and plant nutrition on the subject of nitrogen fixation by legumes at the University of Melbourne in 1982. He returned to the Research Branch of FCV to work with David Flinn on soils and tree nutrition of plantations and native forests for the next 20 years, before taking the golden handshake in 2004. Too young to retire he started the next phase of his career as a consultant continuing with his work on soils and nutrition of radiata pine plantations for Hancock Victorian Plantations and other forestry companies. He has always enjoyed the challenges of forest science and his greatest reward is seeing the adoption of new knowledge in forest management.

David Holmes

David gained a Bachelor of Forest Science at the University of British Columbia in 1969, and during his study spent his summers as a tallyman working in the BC Forests Service in forest inventory, growth and yield studies, and volume and decay studies in various locations in the Province.

He travelled and worked in Australia and NZ from Nov 1969 to May 1971, before returning to Canada to work for the British Colombia Forest Service in inventory and field management roles.

He came to Australia with his family in 1979 and joined the FCV, working first in the Beaufort District. He went on to become the Manager of the Forest Management Branch in the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources before retiring from the public sector in 1995 to work as an independent forest consultant.

Les Lasham

After Les completed the 1966 Forests Commission Foreman’s Training School he was posted to Powelltown in the then Upper Yarra Forest District in November 1966. Les retired in November 2003 after 37 years working in forest management, initially as a Forest Foreman and Forest Overseer with the FCV, and later as a Work Centre Supervisor with CFL and successor Departments. He worked predominantly in the former Upper Yarra Forest District, and the former Dandenong and Port Phillip Regions and Gippsland Area.He was also heavily involved in fire training and as training assessor.

His career in forest management involved a wide range of roles, duties and experiences including supervision of road construction and maintenance, eucalypt nursery management, assistance with forest regeneration and re-forestation programs, plantation establishment, aerial Phasmid control, assistance with some forest research projects, 4WD trainer and assessor, plant operations manager, and fire protection and management.

Les was awarded the 1972 VSFA Travel Award to report on Nursery Practices and Reforestation Techniques within Victoria.