"The past is never fully gone. It is absorbed into the present and the future. It stays to shape what we are and what we do."
Sir William Deane, Governor-General of Australia, Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, August 1996.

John La Gerche

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The article that follows about John La Gerche is constructed entirely from information taken from "A Forester's Log" by Angela Taylor (Copyright: Melbourne University Press). The photograph is also taken from that publication. 

John La Gerche
Date: Probably about 1897
Source: Angela Taylor

Born on 22 May 1845, in St Mary’s Parish, Vingtaine du Sud, on the Channel Island of Jersey, John La Gerche was the only son of Jean Le Couteur La Gerche and Margueritte Le Mottée. The surname La Gerche is a vestige of Jersey’s Norman origins. Young John La Gerche would have spoken a localised Norman-French, as well as English and French.

Some Migrant Memories

Dave Holmes (bio)

“Tears in the Rain” 1


In the past year I celebrated the 40th anniversary of my migration to Australia with a small group of family.

It is a story that actually began 50 years ago when two friends and forestry students at the University of British Columbia (UBC) talked and dreamed about travelling adventures in New Zealand and Australia after we finished our degrees - John Fuller and I. John had taken a gap year and hence was a year behind me in his studies, but we hoped to meet up "down under" if our adventures overlapped.

Richard (Dick) Richards

Physics Lecturer at VSF, 1934

This article is based on extracts from an article about Richardson the website of Federation University.

During the early years of VSF, many lecturers of the sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Geology etc) were persons from the Ballarat School of Mines.

Sometimes lecturers attended at Creswick and sometimes students travelled to Ballarat for tuition. One interesting person in this category was Richard (Dick) Richards who lectured in Physics at the VSF in 1934.

Alan Cracknell

David Buntine (bio)

This article was written in 2008.

I first met Alan Cracknell early in the 1980’s when he was Principal of the Wodonga High School. It was a fleeting contact but I do remember him giving me the stern well practiced Principal look designed to freeze students in their tracks. Some time later I moved to Wodonga and I found myself attending the same Church as Alan but even so that student look still kept me at a distance. But slowly our Church lives intertwined and the barriers were broken down. With time we shared some Church responsibilities and often had to work on projects together and enjoyed each others company.

But Alan had a surprise in his past. He knew I had studied forestry but it was not until many years later that he casually told me that he had taught at the forestry school at Creswick. And so it turned out that Alan had done a stint at Creswick as the Education Department science lecturer early in his career.

My Forest Journey

Les Lasham (bio)

When I walked through the doors of General Steam Navigation Co at Tower Square opposite the Tower of London in early 1955 at age fifteen for my first full time employment, I had no idea that eleven years later that I would be walking through the door of the Forests Commission Victoria office at Powelltown, 70 kilometers east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia which was the district office of the Upper Yarra Forest District.