Victoria's Forestry Heritage

A History of Management

Leonard Mike

Mike commenced studies at the VSF in February, 1970. He retired from the then DSE in 2006.

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Fry Brian

Brian graduated from the VSF in 1961, and from 1962 to 1966 he was posted to both the Swifts Creek and Mansfield Forest Districts, and then to Assessment Branch before spending a year at Rennick.

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Fraser Noel

Noel's (Mopsy) first job in 1956 was an assistant patrolman with the Orbost Shire.  He started work with the Forests Commission in 1957 when he was employed as a treemarker to assist with surveying roads in the Cann River District. 

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Hastings Ian

Ian graduated from the Victorian School of Forestry in 1969 and the University of Melbourne in 1973 with a BScFor (Hons).

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McKinty James

James (Jim) graduated from the VSF in 1936 and, until December 1941, was attached to Forest Assessment.

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Parnaby David

David graduated from the VSF in 1940 and was first appointed to the Assessment Branch. 

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Hodgson Athol

Athol graduated from the VSF in 1950 and then worked for the FCV until the mid-1980’s. His key roles in the FCV were as Fire Research Officer, the first officer appointed as OIC of the new Forest Environment and Recreation Branch from 1971, and as a Forests Commissioner.

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Harrop Kenneth

Kenneth (Ken) graduated from the School of Forestry in 1947 and was later awarded the Diploma of Forestry Victoria.

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Baines Kester

Kester began work for the FCV as a member of the Connors Plain MSC in Dec 1968. He worked with that crew for four summers, finishing as senior leading hand in 1972.

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