Forestry Technical Paper No. 29

Screening of weedicides for use in the Benalla radiata pine nursery, G. Minko and D.W. Flinn

Eucalypt dieback in foothill forests of the Dandenong Ranges, B.K. Ward and F.G. Neumann

Mammals of the Reef Hills State Forest in north-eastern Victoria, M.A. Macfarlane, B.L. Walters and G.C. Suckling

Irrigation efficiency in a radiata pine nursery, L.J. Bren and P.W. Farrell

Response of Eucalyptus sideroxylon to release from competition in an irregular stand, J.D. Kellas, J.V. Owen and R.O. Squire

Estimating the weight of woody eucalypt debris following clearing for pine establishment, H.T.L. Stewart, H.T.L. and M. Woodman

A preliminary survey of severe dieback in the coastal, mixed eucalypt forests of East Gippsland, B.K. Ward and R.J. McKimm

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