Forestry Technical Paper No. 21

Some recent findings in nursery practice, G. Minko

The Gum Leaf Skeletonizer Uraba lugens in Victoria, J.A. Harris

Effect of grass competition on first-year survival of Pinus radiata seedlings, R.O. Squire

Bird repellents for seed of radiata pine, H.J. Kosmer

Collecting and preserving plant specimens for identification and reference, National Herbarium, Melbourne

The approach to national parks by the Department of Forestry, Queensland, R. Cowley

The eucalypts of Victoria, H.W. Bond

Ambrosia beetle in Victoria, G. Mck. Wright and J.A. Harris

Effect of seedling size on growth of field planted Pinus radiata, G. Minko

Inoculation of virgin soils with mycorrhiza, H.J. Kosmer