"The past is never fully gone. It is absorbed into the present and the future. It stays to shape what we are and what we do."
Sir William Deane, Governor-General of Australia, Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, August 1996.

The Victorian School of Forestry

Malcolm McKinty (bio)


The Victorian School of Forestry came about through the inspiration and initiative of John Johnstone, Superintendent of State Plantations in the 1900s.  The School was located in the former Creswick hospital, built in 1863 and bought in 1910 by the Victorian Government under the-then Premier Sir Alexander Peacock, representative for the seat of Creswick.


The School's main gates were dedicated to Sir Alexander on 10 October 1952. The Minister for Lands and Forests, Sir Albert Lind, performed the dedication and opening ceremony which was reported in detail by the Creswick Advertiser; a copy of which can be read here and a video of the ceremony can be viewed here.

John Johnstone

‘a glorified landscape gardeners’ Role in Forestry in Australia

Gerry Fahey (bio)

This article is from a paper delivered at the AHA Conference, Canberra, July 2018.

Taken together - the undue weight given to the plaque; Johnstone’s absence from early records; being overlooked by other writers; and animosity with his contemporaries - these elements have created a fog so thick that the researcher has little hope of seeing through to the fact that John Johnstone, Superintendent of State Plantations, “a glorified landscape gardener”, was the reason a School of Forestry was established at Creswick in 1910.

VSF Football Team in the Clunes League (1946-49)

And contribution to Creswick's Premierships in 1950 and 1961

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For many years, the number of students at the Victorian School of Forestry at Creswick was too small to field a competitive football team. For example, in 1942 there were only about 17 students undertaking the three year course. However, in 1944 the annual intake of new students was increased to 12, with the result that by 1946 the number in residence had risen to 36. During the years 1947 to 1949 the number peaked at 39 and then declined.

VSF Staff

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Senior Master - Principal
Vacant 1910 - 1912
T.S. Hart M.A., M.C.E. May 1913 - 1915
C.E. Carter B. Ag. Sc., Dip. Ed. 1916 - 1920
W.W. Gay Dip. Ag. Sc. 1920 - 1922
C.E. Carter M.F. (Yale), B. Ag. Sc. 1923 - 1926
K. V.M. Ferguson M.A., B Sc. (Forestry) 1927
E. J. Semmens B.Sc., Dip, Ed., F.L.S. 1928 - 1950
F.R. Moulds Ph.D. (Yale), B.Sc., Dip. For. (Cres) 1951 – June 1958
W. Litster B. Sc. (Hons.) (Forestry). (Acting Principal) 1957 - 1958
W. Litster B. Sc. (Hons.) (Forestry) June 1958 - 1968
A. R. Eddy M.F. (Calif.), B. Sc. For., Dip. For. (Cres.) 1969 - 1978

(Source:  Bob Orr's paper)


TS Hart
Would become VSF Principal in 1913
Probably 1890's
Source: FCRPA


EJ Semmens
VSF Principal
Probably 1940's
Source: FCRPA


Dr Frank J Moulds
VSF Principal
Source: FCRPA


Dr Frank J Moulds
VSF Principal
Source: FCRPA


William Litster
VSF Principal
Source: FCRPA